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Search Engine Optimization for Business and pitfalls

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the digital marketing tactics to build visibility online. With competition to gain the attention of customers intensifying in the digital sphere, search engine optimization (SEO) has become vital to those who own websites, social media and other digital platforms for their business .

What is search engine optimization for business  (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the chances that your website will be listed when someone types a particular word on a search engine.

If you have you own a website, a YouTube channel and other platform that have not been optimized for search engine visibility then you are losing out in other words you are basically sending customers to checkout your  competitors.

If your website does not appear on the first page of search engine results for a word that clearly describes your product or service then that’s a problem.

Customers today want instant gratification and no one has the time to go to the second page in Google when he is seeing what he wants on the first page. Come to think of it, how many times have you gone to check the second page when searching on Google?

With search engine optimization, you get to appear on search proposals on the search engine. This a continuous process that involves finding out what phrases people are typing to get to your website or platform.

SEO and how it can get your website penalized

Can SEO get your website blacklisted by Google?

That is right. SEO tecnique can get you more visitors on your website as well as it can get your website blacklisted by Google. This means your website won’t appear on search results even when the user types a word that completely matches your business.

Think of it as your website appearing on the 5th page or  nowhere at all. I bet you no one wants to be in that position. So how can this happen?. One way that this can happen is by keyword stuffing.

What is keyword stuffing in SEO?

 This is a black hat optimization technique where many keywords are used for a particular optimization element so as to get higher ranking. This is highly penalized by Google.

This can happen when you get an inexperienced individual to do the search engine optimization who is ignorant of the industrial standards in place. As I would say ignorance is no excuse before Google.

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