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The Story Behind Projectile




The 21st century has witnessed an evolution in terms of technology and an invasion of the digital world. People and even companies exist and function in this world; it has become an integrated part of human life. Like the normal world, businesses face challenges, competition, and have to build a brand, a reputation and be up to expectation before their customers and potential investors. Also, it is good to note that most companies are borne, exist and function only in this world, and many of such companies have become top in the world with an outstanding financial record.  As a result, these companies have to design strategies for survival. This concept has taken the face of web designing, E-marketing, e-commerce and others. How then does a company assures themselves that they are always in phase with this constantly changing world? The enterprise we are talking about today, is one of youths who have decided to add an edifice through reformed solutions to the digital challenge’s businesses face especially in Africa; they act as a Projectile to your business in terms of insights, interactions, integrations, and innovations that make extraordinary things happen for your brand, your business and your customers. 

Projectile has as goal to craft an experience for their clients through web design and marketing campaigns that uses their unique story to build an emotional and profitable relationship between the brand and consumers.  Their work is user-centered, and it is the building block to all they do. Equipped with skills and insights to the problem at hand, their solutions are strategic and based on procedural discovery and not what they think ought to be or should be.

 The idea came up after an observation made by the team. One of them tell us,


“Projectile comes in to help most of our African Businesses be more competitive in the new age. We have many businesses that are currently operating but are not known because they lack a digital presence. We have others with a digital presence but are still operating below potential because of the way they position themselves in the digital community. All we want to do is help businesses tap in to this realm of business by positioning them in a digital place that enables them to get a maximum ROI”.


The team consist of youths working and residing in the countries of Rwanda and Cameroon and made up of nationals of both countries. This blend gives an overview of how interesting it can be when youths of Africa indulge in collective actions for the development of the African continent; it is laudable.  “Our competitive advantage resides in our diverse team. We bring together a team of talented, passionate and goal-oriented individuals working towards a unified goal-customer satisfaction. We are visual story tellers good at what we do and constantly improving on our craft so as to keep up with industry trends. We work by challenging each other so as to come with the best solutions. By working with us, our team becomes your market place advantage.” they say.

The services they are engaging themselves to offer are Web design, Graphic design, Content management and Digital marketing strategies Analytics. For the Digital marketing strategy, you will find the Search Engine Optimizers (SEO/SEM), Content Marketing, Email-Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Under web design, they design websites that have personalized designs, Real time statistics, easy to use interface, community builder, content management and are amazingly responsive. With Graphic design, their designs are creative, beautiful, thoughtful; an On-Demand Art Work.

This is revolutionary as their main aim is to redefine web-designing in Africa by helping businesses across Africa use the opportunity given them through e-commerce at the fullest. Their long-term goal is to become the leading force in the digitalization of African business.

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