3 essential digital marketing tools for business growth in 2020

In a fast paced digital economy, carrying out digital marketing is essential for business growth and survival. A solid online presence will enable you to sale online and add more value to your product and services.

Technological evolution has changed the way businesses  approach marketing. A business marketing strategy has  to involve the traditional and digital marketing tactics. This is because digital marketing opens your business to a potential  market online that needs to be approached with your product or services. Studeis show that there were morethan 3.8 billion social media users in the world as of January 2020. E

Engaging in digital marketing should be intentional and should be  guided by a digital marketing strategy. This strategy should have well defined outcomes that will be tracked and measured depending on the objective such as increasing brand awareness, web traffic and others.

If you are looking to grow your business using digital marketing then this few tools can get you started and make your business more relevant to this fast evolving digital business world.

1) A Website / Blog for Digital Marketing.

website and blog for digital marketing

Getting a website for your business is one of the things that will prove your business as credible to customers Studies show that a business with a website is more trusted than one with non. Even with the thousands of benefits that come from its effective use, many business owners still feel they don’t need one.

With the current pace of digitization in the world, those lagging behind  hurt their businesses and by the time they decide to adapt to these changes the early adopters would have been on to the next big thing in the evolution of digital business.

A website or blog is a way to stay connected to your clients and an essential touch point for the billions of people online.

With a blog you can educate customers on how to use your product and provide information on a full range of services among other benefits.  Don’t think that your presence on social media can substitute your need for a website. With social media information piles up easily and after few days the chances of your post being seen is reduced drastically but this is not the same case with a website or blog.

You don’t need to sell half of your business to get one. The evolution of web design and hosting has improved drastically with plans for low budget clients depending on your needs. We can help you get a good plan for your business. Just to make it affordable we now have one pagers and landing pages that enable small budget businesses to own a one page website and designed to help convert your visitors.

2) Content strategy(social media content strategy and blog strategy).

content strategy

This is planning, creating, delivery and evaluation of useful content for your various blogs and social media platforms that your business is present on. This will include a content calendar that contains the various post and the days on which they will be  published. This calendar can run for a period of 6 months or more preferably a year.

A handy tool when it comes to content calendar is auto publishing tools that allow you to program and publish post on your platforms in advance. This is a huge time saver and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

The watch word when it comes to content strategy is to remain  consistent. As such a content strategy will include among others; a calendar of when and what content will be published and which platform. This also involves cross platform management tools for managing different platforms.

The goal is to keep your readers or customers focus on you and to gain their continuous attention. You don’t want to get up each day and start thinking what to publish, that’s why we do the hard work for you.

3) An E-mail list (email marketing).

This is probably a hard nut for most local business owners and digital marketers. This is a crucial part that will reduce your work in future and increase your sales. This is because those that had  patronize your business before have a tendency for repeated purchase when you send them an offer by email.

Most businesses do not have a clear strategy on how to collect emails or do not understand the importance. The truth is that satisfied customers always buy from a business that had previously provided them with a satisfactory product or service.

With this list you can sell more and easily to existing customers than going after cold leads every time. If you choose not to do this, you have two alternatives; doing it in future after your competitors had built and been using a list with some of your clients in it or doing it in future while your competitors most have gone ahead to adopt the next new technology.

4) Facebook Advertising as a Digital marketing tool

Digital marketing via social media marketing
social media is crucial for digital marketing

Choosing the right social media platform for your business will surely include Facebook since it’s a fit majority of businesses.

Facebook advertising is one of the highly affordable and effective social media marketing platform for small and large businesses. Facebook provides you with varied options depending on the objective ranging from

  • Brand Awareness

  • Reach

  • Traffic

  • Engagement

  • App installation

  • Video views

  • Lead generation

  • Messages

With your Facebook page you are able to get more page followers that you can market to or run adverts to get leads directly for your business by driving traffic to a landing page that is optimized for conversion.

Another option that most user will find is boosting post. This option enables you to get more people to engage with your post be it likes, comments and reactions.

If you are organizing an event, Facebook event option enables you to create an event and allow viewers to show if they are interested or will be going for the event. You can also boast the event for more people to view. This platform requires experienced individual if you want to have good ROI.

We have the best hands on deck to assist your business gain benefit from this technology. Contact us for free consultation to get the best fit for your business.

Drop your questions in the comment and spread the knowledge to help us build sustainable businesses.

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