Are you Using google maps to Grow your Business ?

Google maps Listing  for business growth

Is your Business registered On Google maps? if no discover how you can use Google maps to grow your business.
With the current digital advancement in the world especially in the domain of business, a visitor in a town does not need to ask someone where the nearest barbershop is, or where the nearest shopping mall or pharmacy is.

Google map answers all their questions. Google map displays all features you can find in a town; be it schools, shops, salons, bars, hotels, auto garages and you name the rest. These places don’t just appear on the maps. It takes the effort of individuals to registers places on Google map.

What is Google maps?

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, and many other features.

How Does Google Maps help my business?

Google maps for business growth

Not having an online business presence these days is bad business. Most business owners are ignorant of how of the opportunities Google maps offer them such as:

1-Online Visibility

When registered on Google Maps, your business gets seen by those viewing the maps and it is also recommended when someone searches a term that describes your business. This means a new person in town can just type shoe vendors on Google and your business is presented in the hints because the term he searched describes what you do. Isn’t that amazing?

2-More Store visitors

Google Maps does not only make your business visible online but brings more visitors to your doorsteps. I know you are wondering how does this happen. Google Maps has a feature called “Get Directions”. This feature directs the person right to your store with 100% accuracy. As such when someone chooses your business after Google searched it and taps on the get directions, they will be lead to your business place and the amazing part of it is that you have nothing to do to get them to your store. You focus on other things while Google maps works for you. Tell me this is not what every business owner wants.

3-Other People get to market Your Business for you

People believe what others say about your business more than what you say. As a marketer, you never joke with word of mouth communication: free advertising triggered by customer experiences. Research has proven that a satisfied customer will tell 2-3 people about his experience with your company while a dissatisfied consumer will share their lament with 8-10 people and even more.

Google maps offer a feature called Review: this feature enables allows people to write about their experience with your business. These reviews are public to anyone that visits your Google map listing and your visitors can read through to see if others had a rewarding experience with your business or they were dissatisfied.

These reviews are crucial because no one will do business with you after learning from 10 people that left your business with a sad face. Tips: Whenever you have a satisfied client ask them to rate you and leave a review on Google maps and if possible a photo if that’s not asking for too much. If they can do it right at your business you could take a photo of them with the product and get their contact and latter send it to them along with a request for the review. While the picture reminds them of an exciting experience with your business writing a review at that moment won’t look like work.

What if I don’t register my Business on Google Maps?

Not registering is a conscious decision to not market your business and also sideline a potential market for your business.
Alert: Google maps allow anyone to register any business. Anyone can register your business and further claim the business as theirs. That leaves you in a tight spot as you’ll need to find out who owns it and submit a transfer ownership request. I bet you it’s not something you want to go through.

Contact us today via phone, mail or social media to get your business registered on Google map. Our agents will be happy to assist you.

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